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bug#25529: diagnosis and one approach to a fix

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#25529: diagnosis and one approach to a fix
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2017 15:11:13 +0200
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On 07.02.2017 15:07, Tom Tromey wrote:

Dmitry> I'm not sure. Normally, that helps deal with multiline literals, but
Dmitry> regexps in JavaScript are single-line. Maybe Stefan remembers.

Based on discussion in the multi-mode thread, I'm thinking perhaps it
handles the case where the start of the regexp literal was syntax-ified
but not the end.

That's the idea, but syntax-propertize runs syntax-propertize-extend-region-functions, which extends to the beginning of the line of the edited region.

So if we made an edit inside a line containing a regexp, START should be at the beginning of that line.

There could be some edge cases, though.

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