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bug#25607: 26.0.50; Ido does not work with tramp anymore

From: Cédric Chépied
Subject: bug#25607: 26.0.50; Ido does not work with tramp anymore
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 13:00:36 +0100
User-agent: Wanderlust/2.15.9 (Almost Unreal) SEMI-EPG/1.14.7 (Harue) FLIM/1.14.9 (Gojō) APEL/10.8 EasyPG/1.0.0 Emacs/26.0.50 (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu) MULE/6.0 (HANACHIRUSATO)


On Sun, 12 Feb 2017 18:34:52 +0100,
Michael Albinus wrote:
> Finally, I've catched the bug. The major culprit is commit
> a8be7c1ec40c9fab3407a0bc59e20141364e231f, which resulted in Tramp not
> cooperating well with ido.el until tramp.el itself was loaded. It's an
> autoload issue. There were other problems too, for example with commit
> 97776f295d652aff97be91431ad53db5618ad2a2 and its new function
> `tramp-completion-handle-expand-file-name'. All of the changes are from
> May 2016.

Yes, I saw this bug a long time ago but was hopping it would be automagically

> I hope I've fixed this now; I would be happy if somebody could
> crosscheck. Likely, a bootstrapped version of Emacs is needed, due to
> the changed loaddefs.el.

I've just rebuilt the master branch and still see the bug with the same recipe

Cédric Chépied

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