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bug#25864: 25.1; Incorrect rendering for Bengali compound character

From: handa
Subject: bug#25864: 25.1; Incorrect rendering for Bengali compound character
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 21:40:14 +0900

In article <address@hidden>, Mandar Mitra <address@hidden> writes:

> Thank you so much for your super-quick solution! Yes, it works, and
> "tra" is rendered as it should be. The little bit of testing did not
> reveal any bad side effects. In particular, I tried many consonant +
> ra patterns and they are all correctly rendered. If I find any other
> problems after using this for some more time, I will report.

Thank you for checking the patch.  I'll commit that change to m17n-db

Perhaps something like the following paragraphs helps Bengali users.


Emacs running on GNU/Linux system with the m17n library Ver.1.7.1 or the
earlier vesion has a problem with rendering Bengali script.  The problem
can be fixed by installing the newer version of the m17n library (if
any), or by following this procedure:

1. Locate the file BENG-OTF.flt installed on your system as part of the
m17n library.  Usually it is under the directory /usr/share/m17n.

2. Apply the following patch to BENG-OTF.flt

diff --git a/FLT/BENG-OTF.flt b/FLT/BENG-OTF.flt
index 45cc554..0cc5e76 100644
--- a/FLT/BENG-OTF.flt
+++ b/FLT/BENG-OTF.flt
@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@
    ("(.H)J" (1 :otf=beng=half+))
-   (".H" :otf=beng=blwf,half,vatu+)
+   (".+H" :otf=beng=blwf,half,vatu+)
    ("." =)))

If you can't modify that file directly, copy it to the directory
~/.m17n.d/ (create it if it doesn't exist), and apply the patch.


Eli, where to put that kind of information?  Under "* Runtime problems
related to font handling" of etc/PROBLEMS?  Aren't there any suitable

K. Handa

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