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bug#26051: 25.1; overlays may make emacs very slow

From: ynyaaa
Subject: bug#26051: 25.1; overlays may make emacs very slow
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2017 20:18:55 +0900

Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:
> My guess is because we need to compute the byte position of the
> markers that store the overlay's beginning and end.  But that's just a
> guess.

I tested with markers.
Markers make emacs slow too(a little bit faster than overlays).

M-x occur may make a buffer have thousands of markers,
and make point motion commands slow.

    (let ((n 65536))
      (save-excursion (dotimes (i n) (insert (format "\u00E1%d\n" i))))
      (dotimes (i n) (make-overlay (point) (point)) (forward-line)))))
=>"Elapsed time: 129.815000s (0.277000s in 17 GCs)"

    (let ((n 65536) tmp)
      (save-excursion (dotimes (i n) (insert (format "\u00E1%d\n" i))))
      (dotimes (i n)
        ;; protect against garbage collection
        (setq tmp (cons (list (point-marker) (point-marker)) tmp))
=>"Elapsed time: 90.038000s (0.272000s in 16 GCs)"

> Btw, your original recipe will produce a much faster redisplay if you
> set bidi-paragraph-direction of the buffer to left-to-right, instead
> of leaving it at its default nil value.  Sorry I didn't mention this
> earlier.

It is a good solution for me, thanks. 

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