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bug#26338: 26.0.50; Collect all matches for REGEXP in current buffer

From: Tino Calancha
Subject: bug#26338: 26.0.50; Collect all matches for REGEXP in current buffer
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2017 10:37:48 +0900
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Juri Linkov <address@hidden> writes:

>>>> What do you think?
>>> But there is already the occur-collect feature implemented in occur-1
>>> and occur-read-primary-args.  Why would we need a separate command?
>> Indeed i don't think we need a new command for this.  I am thinking more
>> in an standard function.
>> Following:
>> (occur "defun\\s +\\(\\S +\\)" "\\1")
>> doesn't return the collected things.  It writes the matches in *Occur*
>> buffer.  Then, if you want a list with the matches you must loop
>> again inside *Occur* which is sub-optimal.
>> For me, it has sense to have a `occur-collect' which just returns the
>> list of matches.
>> Then, we might use such function in the implementation of occur-1
>> which could bring a cleaner implementation.
>> We might get also the LIMIT argument for occur which might come
>> in handy for multi-occur with lot of input buffers (just an idea).
> occur-collect is intended for interactive use.  As for programmatic use,
> Dmitry is right: a universal idiom is (while (re-search-forward ...)).
> This is why e.g. the docstring of ‘replace-regexp’ recommends to use
> an explicit loop like (while (re-search-forward ...) (replace-match ...))
OK thanks.  Let me ask you my last proposal before come back to my dark
cave and start painting animals in the walls.

Any interest in something like this?:

(defmacro with-collect-matches (regexp &optional group &rest body)
  "Collect matches for REGEXP and eval BODY for each match.
BODY is evaluated with `it' bound to the match.
Optional GROUP if non-nil, then is the regexp group to save.  Otherwise,
save the whole match."

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