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bug#25408: Remove Decorations Around Emacs Frame (Windows OS)

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#25408: Remove Decorations Around Emacs Frame (Windows OS)
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2017 11:27:50 +0200

I now installed most of the changes from my earlier patch.  Minor
changes for an `internal-border' face, `x-focus-frame' and
`select-window' will follow.  Also a major documentation rewrite will be
installed in the next days.  Till then, the major purpose of installing
was to check whether we get any breakage of existing code.

If people can see anything fishy, please report immediately.  Affected
might be among others scroll bars, frame deletion and selection.  Also,
most of the new parameters won't work on NS.  Hopefully, Alan or Anders
can help us with some of them.

> So as a rule create your frames (lazily) once for each session and hide
> them when you don't need them.

Did you try that in the meantime?

>  > * Creating a frame / making it visible uses my WM's frame creating 
animation — is there a way to disable this (x-show-tip doesn't have it)?
> No idea.  I can look into that (as a rule I turn off all animations
> here).  Do you use GTK tooltips or Emacs' native ones?

For X I have now also provided an `override-redirect' parameter which
should replicate what the tooltip code does.  If you still get
animations then I think you will have to explicitly tell the WM (for
example, via the frame title) to turn them off.


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