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bug#26455: Emacs Packaging

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#26455: Emacs Packaging
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2017 15:39:13 -0400
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Muto wrote:

> Although technically not a bug, the "Download" section in the Emacs
> website is somewhat vague in describing how to install Emacs in
> GNU/Linux. Rather than the options "build from source" or "use an
> older version", I believe Emacs should ship packaged with a tool such
> as
> AppImage (http://appimage.org)
> Or FlatPak (http://flatpak.org).
> This way installation on GNU/Linux systems would be simplified
> significantly and on top of that users would have easy access to the
> latest version rather than installing from a repository.

Staying paranoid as requested:

Do these approaches mean that the Emacs developers then become
responsible for shipping all the required dependent libraries,
monitoring them for security issues, and updating them when needed,
rather than relying on the distribution to do that?

> --Stay paranoid, and happy hacking! -Muto

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