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bug#26445: 26.0.50; Scroll margin and cursor movement working incorrectl

From: Alexander Miller
Subject: bug#26445: 26.0.50; Scroll margin and cursor movement working incorrectly when scrolling over different height lines
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2017 23:07:48 +0200
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On 13/04/17 22:05, Noam Postavsky wrote:
Yes, maybe the answer to this bug is just not to set
scroll-conservatively so high then.
That does help with the height difference introduced by thinly boxed text. Unfortunately there are still other cases where where a scroll stutter still remains, caused by unicode symbols. For example using prettify-symbols-mode to replace -> with ⭢ or configs for programs like
polybar which naturally contain a host of characters like    🔇 ⏭.
I guess if you guys say it cannot be reasonably done I'll consider getting rid of my margin altogether, though I'm still curious why there's no problem when the cursor is at the very start of the line.

Then there's also the second part the bug report - the cursor switching columns when scrolling.

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