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bug#26104: 26.0.50; In Ubuntu, having mouse over other frame cause Alt k

From: Jonathan Ganc
Subject: bug#26104: 26.0.50; In Ubuntu, having mouse over other frame cause Alt key to produce a <switch-frame> event
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2017 16:23:44 -0400
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I'm currently trying to understand the issue better, but I think Compiz Settings just allows to access to more settings (I think Compiz is part of Unity; on my computer, there's always a compiz process). So I think it is actually preventing Ubuntu from sending the event when Alt is pressed, not intercepting Alt, i.e. it doesn't actively do anything.

On 04/15/2017 03:39 PM, martin rudalics wrote:
> Heh, it looks like they copied the MS-Windows (mis)feature, whereby
> tapping the Alt key activates the menu bar, which would indeed require
> a focus-in event; seems like some GNU/Linux distros have joined this
> lunacy.  In the MS-Windows build, we have w32-pass-alt-to-system to
> control that.

If I'm not mistaken, on MS-Windows you can activate the menu bar of a
window via the Alt key iff that window has focus already.  I still fail
to understand how pressing the Alt key could transfer focus to another

> Perhaps we should generalize w32-pass-alt-to-system instead? Assuming
> an application can control this behavior on GNU/Linux, that is.

If Compiz can, Emacs should be able to do that too.


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