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bug#26513: 25.2; pop-up-frames and *Completions* buffer

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#26513: 25.2; pop-up-frames and *Completions* buffer
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2017 09:16:31 +0200

> Really?  But selecting a completion with the mouse or with RET in the
> *Completions* window with pop-up-frames set to nil does the same.

Yes.  But I never noticed.  I could have sworn that I had to type RET
somewhere to confirm that I really wanted to do what I picked with the
mouse or via RET in the *Completions* buffer before.

> Granted, though, it's probably not a very common thing to do.
> And also, sorry if this was not clear, but this bug is for completion
> everywhere in Emacs, not just M-x.

That's why I asked.  I now think that for most users the behavior that
the frame is selected is quite normal (for M-x) and I rather would
expect the *Completions* window to be selected too when it appears on
the same frame.  The current behavior is inconsistent.

> Thank you; I wasn't aware of this.  Now it makes sense why the
> *Completions* frame gets focus.  One solution to this problem, then,
> might be to create a separate *Completions* frame on startup and update
> it with completions as necessary, without ever deleting/recreating it.
> I'll see if I can write a mode or something for this.

Even then it might get focus.  With a focus follows mouse policy, raising
a frame that happens to be under the mouse pointer will usually also
focus it (blame the window manager for that).

>> Still, why would you want to "continue typing in the minibuffer" when
>> the desired effect of what you do is to choose and execute one of the
>> commands shown in the *Completions* buffer?
> As explained above, it isn't necessarily the desired effect, only one
> example.

Maybe it would then make sense to discriminate the use cases of
*Completions*: One where continuing typing in the selected window
wouldn't make sense because one has to select an item in the
*Completions* buffer.  In that case selecting the *Completions* window
makes perfect sense IMHO.  And one where you usually want to continue
typing and the *Completions* buffer is just there for later perusal.


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