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bug#25408: Remove Decorations Around Emacs Frame (NS port)

From: Alan Third
Subject: bug#25408: Remove Decorations Around Emacs Frame (NS port)
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 19:55:37 +0100
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On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 07:20:20PM +0200, martin rudalics wrote:
> > I’m not sure about the decoration stuff, but I think, from a quick
> > glance at the GNUStep docs, the parent/child window stuff should work.
> >
> > I’ll try and build it under GNUStep at some point to check it works.
> > I’ve got a GNU/Linux virtual machine around here somewhere...
> Here, building with GNUStep currently fails as follows:
> No good idea what made it choke.  The plethora of warnings is terribly
> confusing.

I think it was the use of the ‘visible’ method on NSToolbar, which it
appears I’ve made up, but which works on Cocoa. I’ve changed it to
look directly at the ‘isVisible’ instance variable.

I also noticed that it doesn’t like NSWindow:setStyleMask, so I’ve
changed that to directly update the relevant instance variable too.

I think some of the warnings are related to comparing an Objective C
object to NULL instead of nil, or vice versa. I can’t see any
difference between them here, and I don’t get any warnings from clang.

New patch attached.
Alan Third

Attachment: 0001-Add-undecorated-and-parent-frames-to-NS-port.patch
Description: Add parent/child & undecorate to NS

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