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From: Etienne Prud'homme
Subject: bug#26550:
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2017 20:32:04 -0400

After checking the code, it seems that having a newline inside the inline tag is valid [1]. However, I still think it removes clarity and it would be better to implement the patch I proposed.

[1] https://github.com/jsdoc3/jsdoc/blob/master/lib/jsdoc/tag/inline.js#L55

2017-04-18 12:14 GMT-04:00 Etienne Prud'homme <address@hidden>:
I've went ahead and submitted an issue on GitHub[1] to see if it's a
valid syntax. I would ask not to apply that patch until then. And of
course I'm always open on suggestions.

[1] https://github.com/jsdoc3/jsdoc3.github.com/issues/152

ps: I've already made the copyright assignment paperwork.

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