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bug#26589: Can't built Emacs from source (both master and 25.1 from tarb

From: npostavs
Subject: bug#26589: Can't built Emacs from source (both master and 25.1 from tarball fail)
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2017 13:09:38 -0400
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/25.2 (gnu/linux)

retitle 26589 Build error: TIT dictionary doesn’t have body part
tags 26589 unreproducible
close 26589 

Göktuğ Kayaalp <address@hidden> writes:

>> Try running configure with REL_ALLOC=no.
> I've had to switch linux distros on my workstation (Xubuntu->Fedora),
> and now the build completes perfectly, without errors.  Not having
> access to a Xubuntu installation, I can't reproduce or further debug
> this issue, I'm sorry.
> But both OS's had GCC 6 on them, and maybe what caused the failure on
> Xubuntu was a certain configuration of the compiler on that platform.
> Again, I can't test the configuration variable on that system, please
> excuse me.  But on Fedora with GCC 6.3.1 and without REL_ALLOC=no, Emacs
> does compile.

The segfault during building sounds like the rel_alloc thing; even if
you can build 25.1 on Fedora without REL_ALLOC=no it's probably just a
coincidence.  That build will likely crash later.

But the other error must be something else.

> I guess this bug report can be closed if there's nobody else that can
> reproduce the problem.  Again, sorry for the botherment.

I searched for the error and found only this:
which seems to be about some (macOS specific?) incorrect unpacking of
the sources.

Anyway, closing for now, if it comes up again we can reopen.

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