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bug#26712: other-window/frame versions of find-library

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#26712: other-window/frame versions of find-library
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2017 13:33:19 -0700 (PDT)

> Attached is a patch to add other-window/frames version of the
> `find-library' command.
> BTW, after I added the two new commands and rebuilt Emacs (with just
> `make'), I could not complete to them with `M-x find-library- TAB'.  I
> could only do this after loading the `find-func' library that contains
> them.  So I ran `make bootstrap' instead and then I could complete to
> them as expected.  I guess this means the autoloads had not been updated
> with just `make'... which command should I have run?  Bootstrapping
> takes awhile.

FWIW, I proposed this in March 2007 ("Please add

I was told not to propose new features at that time.

I proposed it again in June 2007 ("how about a
find-library-other-window command?",

That thread was hijacked to a discussion about simulating
all `-other-*' commands automatically (still one of Stefan's
quests, I believe).

I more than once tried to bring the discussion back on topic.

["This is all beginning to sound a bit complex. Perhaps worth
exploring, but, in the meantime, could we at least add
`find-library-other-window'? ;-)"]

RMS, at least, responded favorably, asking for a patch.

Juri complained that "polluting the namespace is not a good
thing.  There are too many commands that display a new buffer,
and don't have the duplicate name with the `-other-window'
suffix, and adding more redundant commands will increase the mess."

I sent the patch anyway.

RMS agreed to it and asked that someone install it.

Juri complained that the code was repetitive for the 3
commands.  It was never installed.

Glad to see it finally added to Emacs.  I've been using it
for 10 years.  I bind it to `C-x 4 l'.  (I never use plain

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