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bug#27270: display-raw-bytes-as-hex generates ambiguous output for Emacs

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#27270: display-raw-bytes-as-hex generates ambiguous output for Emacs strings
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2017 20:57:51 -0700
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With the default octal display format one can copy text out of a terminal window and into an Emacs string, reliably. With the new hex display this doesn't work any more, unfortunately. For example, if I run this shell script:

printf 'x\2205y\n' >foo.txt
LC_ALL=C emacs -nw --color=no --eval '(progn (setq display-raw-bytes-as-hex t) (find-file-literally "foo.txt"))'

then on the terminal display I see:


If I cut and paste this (using my windowing system) into an Emacs string, like 


and then evaluate the string, the result is the string "xअy", that is, a 3-character string with the characters "x", "अ", and "y", where the middle character is U+090F DEVANAGARI LETTER A. This is an incorrect representation, as the buffer actually contains the four characters "x", "\x90", "5", and "y". The problem is that the string has glued together the representation of the character "\x90" to the representation of the character "5", resulting in the representation of the character "\x905" which is not accurate.

Please change the behavior of display-raw-bytes-as-hex so that it is not ambiguous in this way.

A simple solution would be to display this instead:


though that is awkward because it means the ASCII 0-9, a-f, A-F would be displayed as hexadecimal escapes when they follow another hexadecimal escape. Perhaps we can think of a better approach. One possibility would be to define and use a new string escape \Xxx that contains at most two hex digits.

By the way, I expected display-raw-bytes-as-hex to affect how Emacs displays Emacs strings, too. Shouldn't it?

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