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bug#27169: eshell/sudo doesn't work with protected directories

From: npostavs
Subject: bug#27169: eshell/sudo doesn't work with protected directories
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2017 20:49:01 -0400
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Yegor Timoshenko <address@hidden> writes:

>> Don't you also need (push 'eshell-tramp eshell-modules-list)?
> I never did that and it seemed to work fine (I had to manually alias
> sudo to eshell/sudo, though).

Aha, that explains it.

>> Does this work from M-x shell?
> No, this one is specific to eshell (actually, to em-tramp
> eshell/sudo).

So by "No" you mean "Yes" (it works)? ;)

>> Does C-x C-f /sudo::/tmp/a/ work?
> It works.
>> Does it make a difference if you run from the terminal vs running
>> graphically (there's at least one macOS bug where this makes a
>> difference, #21573).
> It is reproducible both in graphical and terminal environments.

Hmm, if you step through eshell-plain-command does it call
eshell-lisp-command or eshell-external-command to run "ls"?  (for me it
goes through eshell-lisp-command)

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