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bug#27315: Regression: `abbreviate-file-name' and `tramp-file-name-handl

From: Alexander Shukaev
Subject: bug#27315: Regression: `abbreviate-file-name' and `tramp-file-name-handler'
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 23:55:19 +0200

On 06/12/2017 05:59 PM, Michael Albinus wrote:
There's no reason to do this at this point, I've checked the sources. So
I have instrumented `tramp-handle-file-name-case-insensitive-p' to print
its backtrace, in order to understand where it is called from. Committed
to master.

Could you, pls, rerun your test with `tramp-verbose' being 10?

Thanks Michael,

Attached to this answer, you will find the corresponding log file, and as usual, I had to "C-g" it after some time. Looks interesting and basically as I stated originally,

tramp-handle-file-name-case-insensitive-p(#("/sudo:address@hidden:/" 6 10 (tramp-default t))) apply(tramp-handle-file-name-case-insensitive-p #("/sudo:address@hidden:/" 6 10 (tramp-default t))) tramp-sh-file-name-handler(file-name-case-insensitive-p #("/sudo:address@hidden:/" 6 10 (tramp-default t))) apply(tramp-sh-file-name-handler file-name-case-insensitive-p #("/sudo:address@hidden:/" 6 10 (tramp-default t))) tramp-file-name-handler(file-name-case-insensitive-p #("/sudo:address@hidden:/" 6 10 (tramp-default t))) file-name-case-insensitive-p(#("/sudo:address@hidden:/" 6 10 (tramp-default t)))
  abbreviate-file-name(#("/sudo:address@hidden:/" 6 10 (tramp-default t)))
(list (user-login-name) "@" (system-name) ":" (abbreviate-file-name (or (buffer-file-name) (file-name-as-directory default-directory)))) eval((list (user-login-name) "@" (system-name) ":" (abbreviate-file-name (or (buffer-file-name) (file-name-as-directory default-directory)))))
  redisplay_internal\ \(C\ function\)()

redisplay triggers `abbreviate-file-name' on a TRAMP-like path. Though how come that you cannot reproduce it? Any further ideas? Thank you.

Kind regards,

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