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bug#6991: Please keep bytecode out of *Backtrace* buffers

From: npostavs
Subject: bug#6991: Please keep bytecode out of *Backtrace* buffers
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2017 18:27:46 -0400
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address@hidden writes:

> address@hidden writes:
>> I propose adding a new flag print_escape_control_characters instead (see
>> patch #3 in the series).  I also implemented hiding the byte code
>> functions with text properties in #4.  It's not quite satisfactory
>> though, because it doesn't cover byte code functions values that are
>> arguments, only byte code being called.  I think printing needs to be
>> made more flexible in order to cleanly catch all byte code values.
>> Patch #5 replaces NUL bytes with "\0" in X selections (I guess it covers
>> w32 as well? Haven't checked yet).
> Updated the patchset to use cl-prin1, now it applies to function values
> in arguments as well.  This one actually doesn't include the byte code
> text at all (path of least resistance: cl-print-object wasn't already
> omitting bytecode and I haven't bothered adding it).

I made use of cl-prin1 depend on a custom option, and replace NUL bytes
also in w32.  I think this is ready to merge now, I will probably do so
sometime next week.

Attachment: v3-0001-Operate-on-frame-list-instead-of-printed-backtrac.patch
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Attachment: v3-0002-Improve-ert-backtrace-recording.patch
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Attachment: v3-0003-Escape-control-characters-in-backtraces-Bug-6991.patch
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Attachment: v3-0004-Don-t-redundantly-cl-print-arglist-in-function-do.patch
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Attachment: v3-0005-Hide-byte-code-in-backtraces-Bug-6991.patch
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Attachment: v3-0006-Escape-NUL-bytes-in-X-selections-Bug-6991.patch
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