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bug#24402: should-error doesn't catch all errors

From: Alex
Subject: bug#24402: should-error doesn't catch all errors
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 21:04:38 -0600
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address@hidden writes:

> Alex <address@hidden> writes:
>> address@hidden writes:
>>> Does it also work when loading the elc version of the test file?  (try
>>> 'make check TEST_LOAD_EL=no')
>> Oh, it doesn't load the elc version by default? That's surprising; I
>> think that should be documented in the test README.
>> I get 3 test failures with TEST_LOAD_EL=no, but I don't believe they're
>> because of me. On a mostly clean master (d014a5e15) those 3 also error.
>> One of them is simple to fix (the (require 'subr-x) should not be inside
>> eval-when-compile in dom-tests).
> Ah, the `should' blocks inlining during compilation.  Is that necessary?
> Probably yes if we expect to catch errors during macroexpansion I guess.

Can you get errors by expanding inlined functions?

Macros are expanded at compile-time with the current patch. If there are
any macroexpansion errors, then the form is altered to be (error <type>
<data>). Perhaps inline functions could work similarly.

Here's a diff to my patch that uses byte-compile-inline-expand. This
fixes the dom-tests case. Do you think it's worth it?

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Description: inline

>> The other failing tests are
>> subr-test-backtrace-integration-test and cl-lib-defstruct-record.
> Hmm, I'll see if I can fix these.

Thanks. I noticed when byte-compiling cl-lib-tests, I got this warning:
Unused lexical variable ‘cl-struct-foo’.

>>> What about tests like this?
>>>     (ert-deftest check-error-handling ()
>>>       (should
>>>        (eq 42
>>>            (condition-case ()
>>>                (/ 1 0)
>>>              (arith-error 42)))))
>> It works for me, yes. As long as `debugger' is set to a symbol. I can
>> make it a bit more robust by using an additional defvar in
>> ert--run-test-internal.
>> Are you asking because it doesn't work for you?
> No, I'm just trying to explore the edges of this solution.  Isn't
> `debugger' bound to a non-symbol while running the the tests?  I'm
> confused as to why this solution works.

Yes, that's why there's the second test that checks for error-symbol to
be ert-test-{failed, skipped}. Basically what's happening is that
ert--signal-hook forces the debugger to trigger even inside a
condition-case, but only with a non-symbol `debugger' (since
ert--run-test-internal binds it to a closure), and one of the above two

The only time this approach fails is when you bind `debugger' to a
non-symbol and also signal ert-test-{failed, skipped}.

This is relatively rare compared to the problems at hand (macro and
argument errors), so unless there are unforeseen issues I think it's an
acceptable stop-gap solution. Hopefully Someone™ can properly fix this

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