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bug#26855: 25.2; Menus off screen, gtk errors

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#26855: 25.2; Menus off screen, gtk errors
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2017 20:09:10 +0200

>> In Message#218 of that thread you can find a patch
>> (x_gtk_use_window_move.diff) I proposed for Emacs 25.  If you can build
>> Emacs yourself, please try it.
> Martin,
> Any reason not to push that patch?  I don't see anyone answering your
> requests in any of the related bugs, so unless you have reasons to
> think this could cause trouble, let's resolve those bugs, and let
> users report any fallout.  These bugs are currently blocking the
> release of Emacs 26.1.

That patch was for Emacs 25.  Emacs 26 has it already incorporated for
quite some time.  But I meanwhile doubt that it would resolve the menu
issue reported here.  GTK 3.22 is still not widely used by Emacs
developers.  Otherwise, we should have seen more problems after Philip's
changes for Bug#28189.  It's an irony that people who do use GTK 3.22
like the OP of the present report and the one from Bug#25851 only build
Emacs 25.


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