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bug#28345: 25.2.1: package-install-file and dynamic modules

From: Peking Duck
Subject: bug#28345: 25.2.1: package-install-file and dynamic modules
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2017 20:26:43 +0800


I wrote a dynamic module and am trying to use package.el to install it. I followed the instructions in the Emacs Lisp Manual and created a tar archive. This tar archive contains:


I then evaluated

(package-install-file "~/src/emacs-sqlite3-api/sqlite3-api-0.1.tar")

and it gave me an error:

(error "sqlite3-api.so:0:0: error: scan-error: (Containing _expression_ ends prematurely 47501 47502)\

From the backtrace, it's  autoload-generate-file-autoloads in autoload.el that caused it. Seems to me Emacs was trying to parse the .so looking for autoloads? 

It's on Linux (CentOS7). Interestingly I tried this on macOS later and this time it worked perfectly. 

Is package.el ready for dynamic modules yet?

One more thing related to dynamic modules: seems to me unload-feature doesn't support dynamic modules yet. Will this be fixed?


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