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bug#21057: [PATCH] nnimap.el: add support for IMAP namespaces

From: Nikolaus Rath
Subject: bug#21057: [PATCH] nnimap.el: add support for IMAP namespaces
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2017 17:18:47 +0200
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Sorry for the delayed response!

> What happens if the user has both INBOX.foo and foo mailboxes?

The "foo" mailbox wouldn't be accessible. I don't think this is a
problem in practice, if the server uses namespaces then the user
wouldn't be able to create anything on that level of the hierarchy.

> Tiny code style nitpicks:
>> +(defvoo nnimap-use-namespaces nil
>> +  "Whether to use IMAP namespaces
> Should have a "." at the end.
>> +    (utf7-encode 
> There's a space at the end of the line here, and several other places,
> which there shouldn't be.

Will fix and rebase on top of current emacs master, thanks!

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