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bug#28350: enriched.el code execution

From: Charles A. Roelli
Subject: bug#28350: enriched.el code execution
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2017 21:25:18 +0200

If anyone wants a fix to apply locally, the following s-expression
prevents the display parameter from being used by Enriched mode
(tested in Emacs 23+):

(eval-after-load "enriched"
  '(defun enriched-decode-display-prop (start end &optional param)
     (list start end)))

As for a fix to apply to master: I'd like to keep "x-display" if we
can agree on some "safe" predicate that the given parameter would have
to satisfy.  Looking at the list of display specifications that are
available, it seems that simple string, margin text, space-width,
height (only in the (+ n), (- n) and n cases) and raise specifications
should be okay.  Does anybody else have an opinion about this?

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