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bug#28350: enriched.el code execution

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#28350: enriched.el code execution
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 14:46:59 -0700
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Charles A. Roelli wrote:

Do we know that "x-color" and/or "x-bg-color" are vulnerable to a
similar misuse as "x-display"?  If not, I can still re-add them at a
later time.

Eli asked the same question privately. I don't know the code myself; perhaps Lars could say.

+  (provide 'enriched)
+  (defun enriched-mode (&optional arg))
+  (defun enriched-decode (from to))

This fix is very safe, at the cost of disabling Enriched mode.  Could
we do any better?  I had suggested the following (in

   (eval-after-load "enriched"
     '(defun enriched-decode-display-prop (start end &optional param)
        (list start end)))

But it may not work in Emacs earlier than 23 (I can't test it).

It should work, since eval-after-load predates Emacs 19.29. Though it assumes that x-display is the only problem here.

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