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bug#27986: 26.0.50; 'rename-file' can rename files without confirmation

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#27986: 26.0.50; 'rename-file' can rename files without confirmation
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 23:07:34 -0700
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Paul Eggert wrote:
I reviewed all calls to the affected functions and have a few followup patches that I plan to install separately soon, and mention here as I do.

I installed the patches (attached). Closing the bug report.

I'll CC: this to Michael, as the last patch is to the Tramp tests, and he may want Tramp to become consistent with the new behavior for rename-file etc.

Attachment: 0001-Make-copy-directory-act-like-copy-file-etc.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0002-Make-write-file-act-like-copy-file-etc.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0003-Make-gnus-copy-file-act-like-copy-file-etc.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0004-Adjust-ob-tangle-to-new-copy-file-behavior.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0005-Adjust-thumbs-to-new-rename-file-behavior.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0006-Port-tramp-tests-to-new-copy-directory-behavior.patch
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