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bug#27230: eldoc doc

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#27230: eldoc doc
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2017 15:02:11 +0300
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On 9/14/17 2:47 PM, Peder O. Klingenberg wrote:

As I discovered today, when I updated my tree, there are callers outside
emacs core that do call eldoc-message with more than one argument.
slime-autodoc.el is one such package, which I use.

Thanks for letting us know.

The slime project has an open issue on this, with a patch, but it hasn't
been applied yet, after sitting in the discussion for 17 days.

I've commented on it: https://github.com/slime/slime/issues/400

For one thing, third-party packages should *not* use eldoc-message.

IMO commit 7ef0b5f611c2d56ac2edb8de287190f04c4b8f32 was an ill-advised
change.  The code worked fine before, the cleanup afforded by breaking
the api was negligible.  I think it should be reverted.

Aside from breaking the "obviously wrong" callers like explained above, the code had a subtle bug where calling it with no format arguments, and then with some arguments, wouldn't update the message area.

(Slime would benefit from cleaing up their callers as well, no doubt,
but not every slime user should be forced to do that on their own.

Of course, the project maintainers should do it.

All the best,

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