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bug#22983: [ Patch ] Re: bug#22983: syntax-ppss returns wrong result.

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#22983: [ Patch ] Re: bug#22983: syntax-ppss returns wrong result.
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2017 03:02:06 +0300
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On 9/18/17 10:08 PM, Alan Mackenzie wrote:

Thanks for this.  I'm impressed.  Your syntax-ppss--data is far more
elegant than my syntax-ppss-set-cache.  The burden of carrying around
the caches in cons cells is much less than I had feared.  The amendments
to syntax-ppss are also less than I had feared, amounting to little more
than substituting "syntax-ppss-cache" with "ppss-cache" etc., and making
a few bindings to support that.


I notice you flush both caches eagerly, as you said you would.  No harm
in that.

So, I'm willing to go with your version.  I haven't tried actually
running it, yet.

Please do.

But there's one small change I would ask you to consider making - that
is, in the cache conses, to put ppss-last in the car and ppss-cache in
the cdr.  That way, while debugging, ppss-last will be easy to find
(it's the first element of the list) and ppss-cache will also be easy to
find (the second element onwards).

Sure, that makes a lot of sense, since ppss-last is a smaller structure. The modified patch is attached.

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