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bug#28189: 26.0.50; Emacs uses deprecated function gtk_window_parse_geom

From: Philipp Stephani
Subject: bug#28189: 26.0.50; Emacs uses deprecated function gtk_window_parse_geometry
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2017 15:35:10 +0000

martin rudalics <address@hidden> schrieb am So., 3. Sep. 2017 um 13:49 Uhr:
 > OK, I've pushed all the "simple" changes for now.

Belated thanks.  Do you think the warnings cited in

bug#26855: 25.2; Menus off screen, gtk errors

are handled by your changes (I've been too lazy to check that)?  This is
one of our few clients with GTK 3.22, sadly building from Emacs 25 only.

I haven't seen these warnings either with or without the patch.
 >> This one
 >> +#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION (3, 16, 0)
 >> +      emacs_abort ();
 >> +#else
 >> looks a bit harsh and the corresponding logic appears quite contrived.
 >> Maybe the entire function should be rewritten.
 > The underlying issue here is that GTK no longer seems to have a concept of
 > a "background color", but Emacs still assumes that concept exists.

I understand.  But can't we catch that in a less intimidating way?

If you only talk about code restructuring, then sure. But if we want to emulate (instead of just disable) background colors, then some more work is needed.

 >> Removing the gtk_adjustment_changed calls should be tested ASAP.
 > How could that be tested?

By removing these calls as you proposed and waiting till someone with
GTK 3.22 hollers.

Will do, sorry for the delay.

 >> +#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION (3, 22, 0)
 >> +  /* FIXME: We should pass the GDK event to this function instead of
 >> +   * synthesizing it.  */
 >> (I think you might want to get this from event_handler_gdk)
 > I don't think that's possible, because the filter is run before the GTK
 > event is even created, so it has no access to it. In fact, Emacs appears to
 > swallow most X events before they are translated to GTK events.
 > This should be fixed "for real" by creating a gtk3term, which doesn't use
 > any X functions. It appears to me that the current "X with a bit of GTK
 > sprinkled on top" can't work any more.

I have no ideas of the implications of such an approach and whether it's
feasible.  We would first have to find all instances where we use an X
solution instead of a GTK one and fix them.  After that we would have to
decide whether the cases where no adequate GTK solution was found can be
simply removed or ignored for GTK built Emacsen.

Unless you are prepared to do that, I see no-one here to tackle such a
task.  Daniel Colascione has proposed to "go GTK-only" a couple of
months ago but seems to keep a low profile since then (like all others
involved in that thread).

This is indeed a huge amount of work. If at all, I'd start from zero by building up a GTK event loop (probably in a background thread like w32term.c) and then go from there, without linking against any X libraries, and see what breaks. It's unlikely that I find the time for this in the near future, but at some point it needs to happen. 

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