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bug#28542: Temporary failure in name resolution while quitting emacs

From: Baylis Shanks
Subject: bug#28542: Temporary failure in name resolution while quitting emacs
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 17:13:59 +0000

I had an http address open in a buffer (i think i closed that buffer), and then i disconnected from the internet and then attempted to quit emacs. Emacs would not quit; when i attempted to quit it, a message involving 'open-network-stream' and 'temporary failure in name resolution' would be displayed in *messages* and then nothing would happen.

Manually opening an elisp buffer and using setq to remove save-place-kill-emacs-hook from kill-emacs-hook solved the problem.

I think there are really two bugs here;

1) whatever save-place-kill-emacs-hook is doing should be robust to 'temporary failure in name resolution' errors

2) more importantly, if there is an error in something called from kill-emacs-hook, emacs should not just return to normal functioning (without quitting), but rather should give the user a choice of whether to continue to quit or not (if continue to quit is chosen, the remaining items in kill-emacs-hook should be called). It's really frustrating to a user when the user cannot figure out how to quit a program.

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