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bug#28580: python.el: native completion setup failed

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#28580: python.el: native completion setup failed
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2017 16:30:26 -0400
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Андрей Парамонов <address@hidden> writes:

> Bad news: the message
> Warning (python): Your ‘python-shell-interpreter’ doesn’t seem to
> support readline, yet ‘python-shell-completion-native-enable’ was t
> and "py" is not part of the
> ‘python-shell-completion-native-disabled-interpreters’ list.  Native
> completions have been disabled locally. 
> still appears when I M-x run-python
> Good news: python shell buffer now displays
>>>> python.el: native completion setup loaded
> after I eval the contents of t.py. Actually, it displays the message
> upon loading, and completion does work. I must have believed the
> warning rather than checked, after install of pyreadline.

Can you clarify, if you just run M-x run-python without doing anything
with "t.py" you see the "python.el: native completion setup loaded" or
the "python.el: native completion setup failed" message?

> Why the message appears? It tells that completion is disabled which
> is not true!

The "native" completion might still be disabled, and you're actually
using the "fallback" method.

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