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bug#28605: 26.0.60; Part of leftmost character hidden

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#28605: 26.0.60; Part of leftmost character hidden
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2017 10:12:25 +0200

> Whenever I'm using two side-by-side windows, part of the leftmost
> character in the right-side window is hidden.
> This is when I use the Gnome HiDPI window scaling set to 2 to make text
> readable on my 4K screen.
> The problem is visible with emacs -Q --no-x-resources.
> Turing on display-line-numbers-mode hides the problem, at least with the
> default settings.
> To reproduce:
> emacs -Q --no-x-resources
> M-x split-window-right
> toggle the hidpi window scaling between 1 and 2.
> I'm trying to attach a screenshot.

This could be bug#27830 reported by Kaushal Modi.  IIUC the left fringe
is completely missing in the window on the right.  Correct?

Please play around a bit with some settings: Turning on/off scroll bars,
moving them to the left, and reducing/enlarging the size of the left
fringe.  Also yet another C-x 3 to see whether only the last window on
the right is affected.  Maybe this could get us some insight.

And please also try with two variable settings: ‘frame-resize-pixelwise’
and ‘window-resize-pixelwise’ changed to non-nil, independently and

Thanks in advance, martin

PS: Do you observe any strange positioning when popping up menus?  Some
people using window scaling of 2 have reported such behavior.

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