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bug#24697: 25.1; find-lisp-object-file-name may return wrong locations

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#24697: 25.1; find-lisp-object-file-name may return wrong locations
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 00:26:22 +0300
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On 6/19/17 5:59 AM, Alex wrote:

Thanks. Do you think you can write test cases for these problems? There are some
existing ones in test/lisp/help-fns-tests.el.

Sure, I've attached a patch below for the simple cases. As I couldn't
find a satisfactory way to make a temporary face, I just made an
uninterned symbol that find-lisp-object-file-name would treat as an
internal variable.


Now, the patch looks correct to me, but did you encounter a practical problem that prompted you to look into this discrepancy? I'd like to know what it was.

With a test case, you might also find it easier to make a choice regarding this

I'm not sure. I still don't understand why the design decision was made.
I suppose one benefit is that one can search explicitly for internal
functions rather than lisp functions, but the function could have just
accepted 'subr instead of 'defun to do that.

There is a FIXME comment with the same question there. So you are not alone in wondering.

Perhaps the current use of searching with TYPE should be left in for
backwards compatibility (a Github search shows at least 2 instances of
3rd-party code that makes use of that behaviour).

For instance, here's how you find mapatoms' file:

   (find-lisp-object-file-name 'mapatoms (symbol-function 'mapatoms))

You should just be able to do the following:

   (find-lisp-object-file-name 'mapatoms 'defun)

Or without searching for lisp functions named mapatoms first:

   (find-lisp-object-file-name 'mapatoms 'subr)

What do you think?

Maybe you're right, but backward compatibility seems important here as well. You're talking about a separate change, right? We could consider it for Emacs 27.

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