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bug#29095: Bug: The '20a09de953f437109a098fa8c4d380663d921481' merge inc

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#29095: Bug: The '20a09de953f437109a098fa8c4d380663d921481' merge increased my Emacs configuration loading time from 9 s to 60 s
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2017 08:13:22 +0100

> Not sure what Alexander is using, but under i3 the problem is simply
> that the frame doesn't become visible until the user switches to the
> virtual workspace where Emacs is.  So it's not that we have a visible
> frame which the window manager fails to inform us about in time, rather
> the frame just doesn't become visible in time.

But as long as a user doesn't switch to that workspace she won't observe
that making a new frame is slower. So I seem to be missing something.

Anyway, we probably should add to /etc/PROBLEMS lines like

"If a new Emacs frame is supposed to appear on a different virtual
workspace, Emacs may not be notified about the visibility of the frame
until the user switches to that workspace.  If this causes ... one
remedy is to customize ..."

And I'd still be interested in Sasha's use case.


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