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bug#28971: 24.4; Gnus TLS/SSL POP issue

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#28971: 24.4; Gnus TLS/SSL POP issue
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2017 21:29:26 -0500
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Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> writes:

>> (defun gnutls-available-p () nil)
> This doesn't seem to have solved the problem
>     Opening TLS connection to `pop.zoho.com'...
>     Opening TLS connection with `gnutls-cli --insecure -p 995 
> pop.zoho.com'...done
>     Opening TLS connection to `pop.zoho.com'...done
>     Mail source (pop :user ABC :password XYZ :server pop.zoho.com :port 995 
> :stream ssl) failed: (error USER ABC not valid)

You may also need to customize `tls-program' to use the `openssl'
command.  Although I think external-program based tls is kind of flaky,
so I don't how much you can really expect from it.

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