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bug#29455: backup-by-copying ACL Operation not permitted with Windows 7

From: Shuguang Sun
Subject: bug#29455: backup-by-copying ACL Operation not permitted with Windows 7 and Samba
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 22:59:33 +0800


Local: Windows 7
GNU Emacs 27.0.50 (build 1, x86_64-w64-mingw32) of 2017-11-24
(backup-by-copying t)

File is on a server which is mapped as network driver in Windows 7. It seems a samba according to the SID below.
The SDDL from file-acl is

After I edited the file and write it, the backup meets error:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (file-error "Setting ACL" "Operation not permitted" "c:/Users/username/HOME/.emacs.d/autosave/Rfiles/!drive_i!test_fixed_IA_time.r.~2~")
  set-file-acl("c:/Users/username/HOME/.emacs.d/autosave/Rfiles/!drive_i!test_fixed_IA_time.r.~2~" "O:S-1-22-1-79077G:S-1-22-2-108D:P(A;;0x1e01ff;;;S-1-22-1-79077)(A;;FR;;;S-1-22-2-108)(A;;FR;;;WD)")
  set-file-extended-attributes("c:/Users/username/HOME/.emacs.d/autosave/Rfiles/!drive_i!test_fixed_IA_time.r.~2~" ((acl . "O:S-1-22-1-79077G:S-1-22-2-108D:P(A;;0x1e01ff;;;S-1-22-1-79077)(A;;FR;;;S-1-22-2-108)(A;;FR;;;WD)") (selinux-context nil nil nil nil)))
  backup-buffer-copy("i:/power/permutation_test_fixed_IA_time.r" "c:/Users/username/HOME/.emacs.d/autosave/Rfiles/!drive_i!test_fixed_IA_time.r.~2~" 438 ((acl . "O:S-1-22-1-79077G:S-1-22-2-108D:P(A;;0x1e01ff;;;S-1-22-1-79077)(A;;FR;;;S-1-22-2-108)(A;;FR;;;WD)") (selinux-context nil nil nil nil)))
  funcall-interactively(save-buffer 1)
  call-interactively(save-buffer nil nil)

The ACL of a local file looks like:

I think it is a bug because:
1. I have the write access to the mapped network driver
2. If I copy a local file to the mapped network driver, the ACL would be set up well.
So I don't think there should be a write permission in this backup case.

Best Regards
Shuguang Sun

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