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bug#29427: Problem sending emails in message-mode after restart

From: Basil L. Contovounesios
Subject: bug#29427: Problem sending emails in message-mode after restart
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 15:21:47 +0000
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Emmanuel - I am forwarding your email, which follows my
signature, to the bug report's address.  Unless sending a
private message, in the future please include
<29427@debbugs.gnu.org> as a recipient.

Eric - I lack experience in mailing list etiquette, so if
forwarding wasn't the best mechanism for me to use here
please let me know what to do in the future.



--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: bug#29427: Problem sending emails in message-mode after restart Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 08:20:40 +0100
>>> When I first send an e-mail in emacs, 'send-mail-function'
>>> isn't defined [...]
>> I'm not sure how `send-mail-function' comes into it, and am a bit
>> confused by your report: you say when you first send an email in emacs,
>> it isn't set, but later say when you restart emacs, it is defined.

Once I send an e-mail from 'sendmail-query-once', 'send-mail-function'
is set to 'sendmail-send-it' in my config file by the
'sendmail-query-once' process. Things then work until I restart emacs.
After restarting emacs, message-mode tries to incorrectly guess the
'From' field of my e-mail even though it is already present.

> Actually Emmanuel is saying the opposite, namely that
> `send-mail-function' is somehow undefined until restarting
> Emacs.  My issue with this is that `send-mail-function'
> should always be defined as either `sendmail-send-it' or
> `sendmail-query-once' when starting Emacs with the -Q flag,
> in all versions of Emacs until at least as far back as 23.
> Perhaps some custom configuration code or package is
> misbehaving?

I'm sorry, I misspoke, I meant that I'm not defining
'send-mail-function' in my config file. I just checked and it is indeed
set to 'sendmail-query-once' when not set in my config file.

>> Anyway, if you're using something based on message-mode, you should
>> probably just set `message-send-mail-function' directly.
> +1

So this is my problem, when 'send-mail-function' is set to
'sendmail-send-it' or when 'message-send-mail-function' is set to
'message-send-mail-with-sendmail', somewhere in the message mode, the
code tries to guess my From and sets it incorrectly event though there
is already a valid from in the message.

To get things to work, I have to remove those settings set by
'sendmail-query-once' from my config file and restart emacs. Things then
work for that session.

Sorry for my bad initial explanation.


--- End Message ---

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