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bug#29290: [gnu.org #1252961] Re: bug#29290: 25.3; bug-gnu-emacs archive

From: Ian Kelling via RT
Subject: bug#29290: [gnu.org #1252961] Re: bug#29290: 25.3; bug-gnu-emacs archive web search fails to find matching bugs
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 12:15:13 -0500

I regenerated the search index and the searches mentioned in
bug-gnu-emacs and other bad search results reported elsewhere give good

However, I did not find the root cause of problem. Something is likely
going wrong in the incremental indexing done by namazu. I've improved
that so it reports errors: we were incorrectly ignoring them
before. Hopefully that will lead to tracking down the root cause, but if
you notice any problems, especially in searching for messages posted at
a time after around now (those will all be incrementally indexed),
please let us know.

The reindexing of lists is still in progress and should finish in about
24 hours, so you might still notice issues on other list archive
searches until then. Search will be temporarily broken for each list as
it is reindexed. It is going a-z and is currently doing emacs-devel as I
send this (it hasn't gotten to emacs-orgmode yet).

Ian Kelling | Senior Systems Administrator, Free Software Foundation
GPG Key: B125 F60B 7B28 7FF6 A2B7  DF8F 170A F0E2 9542 95DF
https://fsf.org | https://gnu.org

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