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bug#29529: next-line-add-newlines shouldn't be respected in next-line-or

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: bug#29529: next-line-add-newlines shouldn't be respected in next-line-or-history-element
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2017 18:00:36 +0200

> Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 23:49:56 +0100 (CET)
> From: "E. Choroba" <address@hidden>
> I don't like the "end of buffer" errors, so I have switched 
> next-line-add-newlines to t. In recent Emacs versions, though, this makes it 
> impossible to browse the minibuffer history with cursor arrows: <down> adds a 
> newline into the minibufer instead of showing the next history element. M-n 
> works correctly, though.
> Steps to reproduce (tested in 25.3.1):
> emacs -Q
> (setq next-line-add-newlines t) C-x C-e
> C-x C-f <down>
> Solution:
> Set the variable to nil locally in next-line-or-history-element.
> Patch:

Thanks, I installed your patch.

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