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bug#29805: 27.0; doc of `tooltip-resize-echo-area'

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#29805: 27.0; doc of `tooltip-resize-echo-area'
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2017 20:07:42 +0100

> This bug is not about whether or when there should or
> should not be resizing.  It is about the doc, which
> can (so far) give the impression that this resizing
> affects this real estate even when a standalone frame
> is involved - which it does not, AFAIK.

Any such resizing is governed by the setting of `resize-mini-windows'
and whether the echo area can be resized at all.  There are various
reasons why the echo area can't be resized - for example, when the
root window has fixed size, when the echo area occupies the only
window on its frame or when the frame is too small.  Maybe there are
more.  So the standalone frame case is just one among others.

But this is just my POV of this matter.  As should be clear from my
previous remarks in this thread, I apparently do not understand the
use of the echo area for showing tooltips and neither the difference
between echo area and minibuffer.  So I'll rather leave this for the
inventor of `tooltip-resize-echo-area' to fix.


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