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bug#30393: 24.4; cperl-mode: indentation failure

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#30393: 24.4; cperl-mode: indentation failure
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2018 22:55:31 -0500
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Alan Mackenzie <address@hidden> writes:

>> Specifically, it's the open paren in the column 0 that triggers it.  You
>> can set `open-paren-in-column-0-is-defun-start' to nil to fix it.  Same
>> idea as Bug#25480 (that one is cc-mode).
> Just to remind people, I fixed all this nonsense about parens in column
> 0 and `open-paren-in-column-0-is-defun-start' over a year ago.  Key
> search term: "comment-cache".

I fixed it for emacs-lisp-mode using syntax-ppss (Bug#27920, Bug#25122),
but based on previous discussions, you wouldn't be especially happy with
such a solution...

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