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bug#30399: 27.0.50; tooltips are broken

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#30399: 27.0.50; tooltips are broken
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 09:23:59 -0800 (PST)

>  > Can you clarify the warning, please?
> That when the behavior of 'x-show-tip' changes,
> applications will have to adapt.

That's even more vague - not a clarification at all.
What is the behavior change?  What kind of adaptation
are you hinting at?

>  > If there is a reason to replace `x-show-tip', can you not
>  > replace it with something that is just as general?  Why
>  > would we take away something that lets you specify the
>  > appearance and behavior, replacing it by something that
>  > just hard-codes properties etc.?
> Currently there are no plans to replace 'x-show-tip' AFAICT.

Let's not quibble over the word "replace", please.

You imply that "the behavior of 'x-show-tip'" will
change.  That's what I'm asking about, in talking
about "replacement".

You also said that we should not use 'x-show-tip'
but should use only `tooltip-show', which is much
more limited - not a substitute for 'x-show-tip'
at all.

The question is, if `x-tool-tip' is not expected
to be replaced, but it is expected to change, just
_how_ is it expected to change?

Will we be able to do with the "new" `x-show-tip',
what we can do with it now, even if we must "adapt"
in some way to be able to do that?

You are being quite vague, it seems.  You make a
pronouncement that we should not use the function,
but also that it will change - somehow.

The real question is not the words to name the
impending change or replacement that you warn us

The question is how, after the change/replacement,
to get done everything we can do now with that

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