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bug#30320: 26.0.91; Crash when using lsp-ui-doc-mode

From: Jake Goulding
Subject: bug#30320: 26.0.91; Crash when using lsp-ui-doc-mode
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 20:48:14 -0500

The new patch appears to continue to have a crash:

frame #9: 0x0000000100173610
Emacs`cmcheckmagic(tty=0x0000000107001000) at cm.c:118
   115   if (curX (tty) == FrameCols (tty))
   116     {
   117       if (!MagicWrap (tty) || curY (tty) >= FrameRows (tty) - 1)
-> 118 emacs_abort ();
   119       if (tty->termscript)
   120 putc_unlocked ('\r', tty->termscript);
   121       putc_unlocked ('\r', tty->output);
(lldb) p (tty)->Wcm->cm_magicwrap
(bool_bf) $0 = true
(lldb) p (tty)->Wcm->cm_curY
(int) $1 = 2
(lldb) p (tty)->Wcm->cm_rows
(int) $3 = 3

I am at commit 66e9527b9a8c66bc3c5a4e5c3e68777d93310be1
 on the `emacs-26` branch. My full sequence of commands:

git checkout -p # removing patch v1
mv ~/Downloads/frame.c.diff ./patch2.diff
git apply --ignore-whitespace patch2.diff
make -j7
./nextstep/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs -Q -nw

Perhaps `make` by itself doesn't do the proper rebuild?

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