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bug#21559: 25.0.50; auto-revert-mode breaks git rebase

From: Alexei Khlebnikov
Subject: bug#21559: 25.0.50; auto-revert-mode breaks git rebase
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 23:32:44 +0100

I am sending patch that fixes the issue. It fixes the issue for me on Emacs' current master branch. The patch also cleanly applies to emacs-26 branch.

I tested using Mitchel Humpherys' repro method, i.e.

    $ cd /path/to/emacs
    $ ./src/emacs -Q lisp/*.el
    [ M-x global-auto-revert-mode ]
    $ for i in $(seq 30); do for f in lisp/*.el; do echo "; $i" >> $f; done; git commit -am "test $i"; done

Without the fix I could reproduce the issue, and with the fix I could not reproduce even if running the loop 100 times instead of 30. Emacs was reloading a lot of files very fast, but no locking errors happened in the shell which ran the loop.

2018-02-15 20:08 GMT+01:00 Alexei Khlebnikov <address@hidden>:
Judging from the comment of the commit implementing the "--no-optional-locks" switch,

, the switch was implemented exactly for background refresh in "tools like IDEs or fancy editors".
I.e. for mitigating this particular bug! Now we only have to use this switch in our "fancy editor".

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