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bug#30489: 26.0.91; [PATCH] Data associated with json-readtable-error no

From: Basil L. Contovounesios
Subject: bug#30489: 26.0.91; [PATCH] Data associated with json-readtable-error not a list
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2018 17:29:43 +0000

Attachment: 0001-lisp-json.el-json-readtable-dispatch-Fix-error-data.patch
Description: Text Data

When signalling json-readtable-error, the macro json-readtable-dispatch
passes the unrecognised character as error data verbatim, rather than as
a list.  Attached is a patch which fixes this.



In GNU Emacs 26.0.91 (build 3, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, X toolkit, Xaw3d scroll 
 of 2018-02-16 built on thunk
Repository revision: edc06adf96f4aa9d8b707181015acfe61d396edb
Windowing system distributor 'The X.Org Foundation', version 11.0.11906000
System Description:     Debian GNU/Linux testing (buster)

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