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bug#30364: 26.0.91; thread crash on macos

From: Aaron Jensen
Subject: bug#30364: 26.0.91; thread crash on macos
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2018 09:20:15 -0800

On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 3:01 AM, Alan Third <address@hidden> wrote:
> sorry, no. I tried both Emacs 26 and master.

I haven't been able to reproduce w/ emacs -Q yet and the more things I
remove from my init.el, the harder (but not impossible) it gets to
reproduce. I'll keep trying to narrow to see if I can reproduce from
emacs -Q. I could give you access to my emacs config if you think it'd
help debug if you could reproduce it.

> FWIW, the ‘lexical-let’ didn’t work for me at all and I had to change
> it to ‘let’ (the buffer’s got lexical binding enabled anyway, so that
> doesn’t make any difference?)

Yeah, I think I added that because the lexical binding wasn't working
when I eval'd the function w/ C-x C-e. If I eval-buffer, it works. So
I removed the lexical-let from my repro and it still reproduces.

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