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bug#30491: 26.0; (elisp) `Profiling'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#30491: 26.0; (elisp) `Profiling'
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 10:26:50 -0800 (PST)

Other UX problems I see with `profiler-report-mode'.  #1 is the
greatest annoyance, to me.

1. There should be an easy way to expand the tree space horizontally,
   to eliminate eliding (`...').  When I use the profiler the code
   that I really want to see is too often completely missing - it's
   hidden by `...'.  How to show it?

   To work around this limitation I found myself tweaking variables
   `profiler-report-(cpu|memory)-line-format' to increase the `left'
   value, which is ridiculous.

   Is there a better way to expand/expose the elided entries?
   I was hoping that maybe command `profiler-report-expand-entry'
   would do the job, but it doesn't.  Expanding for that command
   means exposing but not widening the field (column) so that an
   elided entry is shown.

2. Command `profiler-report-expand-entry' with a prefix arg does
   not do what its doc string says - it does not expand the whole
   subtree.  It expands the subtree at point only if the current
   line has a `+' sign.  So if the current line has `-' instead,
   and if some lines under it (in its subtree) have `+', those
   `+' lines are not expanded.

   I think it should do what its doc says, or at least that some
   command should do that.

3. Commands `profiler-find-profile(-other-(window|frame))' should
   maybe be bound to keys.  They complement function
   `profiler-report-write-profile'.  They should at least be added
   to menu-bar menu `Profiler'.  They let you move to a different
   (saved) profiler report.

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