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bug#30513: Unicode Character Name is misspelled (MATHEMATICAL ITALIC SMA

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#30513: Unicode Character Name is misspelled (MATHEMATICAL ITALIC SMALL LAMDA)
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 12:15:28 -0800 (PST)

> > I would not make the point that this adds too many chars
> > for `ucs-names' or for `C-x 8 RET'.
> >
> > I would make the point that we should not be inventing
> > character names and then associating such inventions with
> > what has heretofore been a pretty faithful reflection of
> > the Unicode standard.
> How about this one?
>                                                          ^^
> And what about this one?  Press C-x 8 RET MATHEMATICAL ITALIC SMALL TAB
> and try to answer the puzzle: where has the "MATHEMATICAL ITALIC SMALL H"
> gone?
> (The answer, rot'd-13 so that I don't spoil it for Unicode wannabe
> detectives;-): CYNAPX PBAFGNAG, U+210E.)
> IOW, I would argue that _some_ kind of system to help the user
> overcome the inherent Unicode problems might be a good idea.

Agreed: some help would help. ;-)  But not at the cost of
changing `ucs-names'.

You snipped most of my post, including the part that said
that although we should leave the set of Unicode names as
Unicode defines them, so that `ucs-names' remains faithful
to the standard, we can certainly add Emacs constructs (e.g.
commands, completion functions, whatever), to help users
use alternate names of our own invention, including spelling

The fault is not with `ucs-names'.  The fault, if there
be any, is with the ways we currently _make use of it_
for users.

We could offer additional or alternative ways for users to
make use of it.  We could, for example, change `insert-char'
to respect a user option that expresses just how much such
help to provide, e.g., the degree of spelling help,
correction, abbreviation, or whatever.

If we do that then we should at least allow one of the
option values to mean that no such help is to be offered,
in which case `insert-char' would offer only the official

There are other uses of `ucs-names', beyond `insert-char',
at least in 3rd-party libraries.  We should definitely not
assume that all uses of `ucs-names' should benefit or be
troubled by any Emacs-specific "improvements" we might
want to offer for the available char names.

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