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bug#30564: call-process always fails for empty exec-path

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#30564: call-process always fails for empty exec-path
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018 21:56:38 +0200
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Christopher Wellons <address@hidden> writes:

> The call-process function incorrectly fails for valid absolute paths
> when exec-path is nil:
>    (let ((exec-path ()))
>      (call-process "/bin/ls"))
>    ;; error: (file-error "Searching for program"
>    ;;                    "No such file or directory" "/bin/ls")
> Adding a single element to exec-path fixes the problem, even if that
> element is nonsense:
>    (let ((exec-path '(t)))
>      (call-process "/bin/ls"))
>    ;; => 0
> The bug is in the for loop in openp() (lread.c). The only successful
> returns are found inside the loop. An empty list results in no loop
> iterations, which means an absolute path has no chance to return
> successfully.

I've now fixed this by transforming the for loop into a do/while loop.

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