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bug#30280: async-shell-command-display-buffer doesn't work anymore

From: Basil L. Contovounesios
Subject: bug#30280: async-shell-command-display-buffer doesn't work anymore
Date: Wed, 09 May 2018 19:29:25 +0100
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Tino Calancha <address@hidden> writes:

> I have two minor comments.
> I)
>> +(declare-function comint-output-filter "comint" (process string))
>> +
> What is the purpose of this? AFICT no warning is shown when compiling
> the file.

On my end, removing the function declaration and invoking 'make' results
in the following output:

make[2]: Entering directory '/home/blc/.local/src/emacs/lisp'
  ELC      ../lisp/simple.elc
Reloading stale loaddefs.el
Loading /home/blc/.local/src/emacs/lisp/loaddefs.el (source)...

In end of data:
simple.el:9030:1:Warning: the function ‘comint-output-filter’ is not known to
    be defined.

Note that this warning is only emitted when comint-output-filter is
#'-quoted.  This is in line with the usual behaviour of the
byte-compiler that I am accustomed to, i.e. I don't see anything out of
the ordinary here.

> * We require `shell.el' inside `shell-coomand'.
> * `shell.el' requires `comint.el'.

Yes, I understand that using comint-output-filter at this point in the
program is kosher, but the byte-compiler evidently does not.

> Is the purpose to serve as documentation? In that case I don't think we
> need it (the prefix 'comint-' already makes obvious where this function
> belongs to).

No, the only intention is to pacify the byte-compiler.

> II)
> It's better to keep consistent with the indentation of the function you
> are modifying:  here, `shell-command' is indenting with TAB.
> Tip:
> You can see the tabs searching them with:
> C-s C-q C-I
> or you can persistenly highlight them with:
> M-s h r C-I RET RET

Thanks for the tip.  I personally prefer to use [global-]whitespace-mode
with a whitespace-style setting which includes (face tab-mark).
I additionally avoid accidentally committing tabs by configuring the git
option core.whitespace to include tab-in-indent.

> For instance, here you are changing:
> 1) ' ---> #'
> ;; and
> 2) \t\t\s\s 000> \s\s\s\s...\s (18 white spaces)
> Please, do not change 2).

I have no strong feeling on this; I was merely going along with the
(emacs-lisp-mode . ((indent-tabs-mode . nil))) setting in the project's
toplevel dir-locals-file, as well what I had inferred to be accepted
policy (as Noam mentions in a separate email) from following Emacs
development for the last couple of years.

If it weren't for the above and the fact that most everything I have
come across in the Emacs tree has Frankindentation (including the target
function shell-command), I would be more inclined to remain consistent
with the surrounding source.

Let me know if it's still a problem and I'll gladly resend the patches
with indent-tabs-mode enabled.

Thanks again for your help and feedback,


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