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bug#31305: 27.0.50; Symlinks recognized as dirs

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#31305: 27.0.50; Symlinks recognized as dirs
Date: Wed, 16 May 2018 11:37:05 -0700
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I guess that means either Paul’s fix doesn’t work on macOS 10.9, or
David needs to update something in his build tree.

Possibly the Gnulib workaround for the macOS faccessat bug does not work in older macOS versions. For example, the Gnulib workaround calls the function 'access' on platforms lacking faccessat, and faccessat is missing and 'access ("foo/", F_OK)' ignores the trailing slash in older macOS versions, then that could explain the problem.

Suppose my guess is right. Then, if this problem occurs because the emacsformacosx.com build is for OS X 10.9 or earlier, then a simple fix is to have emacsformacosx.com build for OS X 10.10 or later, because Emacs can't reasonably support OS versions that Apple itself does not support <https://lists.gnu.org/r/emacs-devel/2018-03/msg00798.html>. On the other hand, if the problem occurs on OS X 10.10 or later, then someone should hack on the Gnulib workaround so as to port the workaround to OS X 10.10. I can volunteer to do the hacking in my spare time, but I don't have easy access to OS X 10.10 so someone else would need to test it.

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